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We’ve welcomed a new member to the team at Bailies Coffee Roasters. Colleen, a French business studies student will be working alongside our business and sales team over the next few months. Currently studying at Kedge Business School in Bordeaux the university is ranked in the top 5 leading schools in France and among the top in Europe. We’re delighted to give Colleen a warm welcome to Belfast and another bonus is that she’s as passionate about coffee as we are.    

Name:                  Colleen

Age:                       19

Studying:             Business at Kedge Business School, Bordeaux.

Where’s home?              

I live in Saint-Céré, a tiny city, in the south of France where it's warm and sunny.

What are you missing about home the most?

I'm already missing my French grandmother's meals, especially her roasted chicken. 

What's your intern role at Bailies?

I'm doing four months placement working with the business and sales team as a sales assistant at Bailies Coffee Roasters. I’ve been so impressed by the speciality coffee shops in Belfast and the high standards that Bailies Coffee Roasters place on sourcing direct trade, roasting, educating and helping customers grow their coffee business.

Why did you choose Bailies Coffee Roasters for your internship?

I want to work in the Food and Drink industry and was keen to find placement in an English speaking country. I researched a number of options and Bailies Coffee Roasters were the perfect match. They are a company who are progressive, growing in new markets and take great pride in sourcing direct trade coffee and place great importance on education in the speciality coffee market.  

Favourite coffee and brew method?

My favourite coffee at the moment is Bailies Guracho, a floral and fruity washed Ethiopian microlot coffee.  It bursts of coffee blossom, jasmine and peach. I enjoy pour over coffee and use a Hario V60 and taking the time to enjoy this coffee is recommended. 

What you love about Belfast so far?

What I love about Belfast is all the tiny places where you can have wonderful food. Everything is so close here, so you don't have any excuses for not going out discovering the city and have a good meal with friends.

What motivates you?

In France we often say, “On n’a jamais rien sans rien” – “You never get anything if you do nothing”.


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