A Film About Coffee - UK & Ireland Screenings

A Film About Coffee follows the production of coffee from farms in Honduras and harvests in Rwanda to its global consumption. Listening to farmers, buyers, roasters and baristas about the crop’s economic and environmental implications both locally and abroad, the narrative travels to coffee shops in Tokyo, Portland, Seattle, San Francisco and New York, with stops in between. Dropping in on artisanal cafes to investigate how each prepares its own unique cup, the film opens a window into the little-understood world of speciality coffee.

Marco Beverage Systems have been working alongside their friends at La Marzocco, Cafe Imports and Workshop Coffee Co. to bring A Film About Coffee (www.afilmaboutcoffee.co.uk) to audiences across the UK. And now, we’re delighted to announce that Marco will be hosting screenings in Ireland, with the latest screening happening at the Dublin Science Gallery in Dublin.


Looks like a fascinating watch if there's a screening near you.

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